KPI's for the Year 2020-21

S.No. Key Performance Indicators Target/Target Date
1. Generation of Electricity during the Year 5050 MU
2. Availability of Machines 80%
3. RMU (Renovation Modernization and Upgradation)
a) Tiloth & Dhalipur Power House 20%
b) Chilla Power House 15%
c) Award for Dhakrani Power House March 2021
4. Breakdown Losses to be lowered down to 4.5%
5. Projects:- Physical Progress Financial Progress Completion with Commissioning
(a). Construction of Vyasi Project 120 MW 95% 90% April 2021
(b). Revised Environmental Clearance of Lakhwar Project and Inviting NIT(Subject to CCEA approval) - - March 2021
(c). Construction of SHPs -
(i). Kaliganga –I SHP 4.0 MW 100% 100% August 2020
(ii) Kaliganga –II SHP 4.5 MW 100% 95% March 2021
(iii)Suringad -II SHP 5.0 MW 100% 95% January 2021
(iv). Madhyamaheshwar 15.0 MW 92% - -
(d). Development of Bagasse based cogen thermal power plant 10% - -
6. (a) Recruitment 103 - Personnel
(b) Training 2000 - Mandays
(c) Meeting with Trade unions and associations 12 - Nos
7 Implementation of guidelines issued by Government of Uttarakhand in view of Covid-19 100%
8 Finance
(a) Completion of final account. Timely
(b) Monitoring of financial position of Nigam to improve Profit Before Tax (PBT). For this purpose debt-equity ratio and operating margin and other important financial ratio should be presented on a graph while taking the time period since the formation of UJVNL Status to be presented in Board meetings
(c) Co-ordination with GoU for release of equity Timely
(d) Recovery of energy bill payments and pending dues from UPCL/HPSEB. Timely

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